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    Natural carotene and iron deficiency anemia

    Source:www.badgeonboard.com Publication time:2022/1/28 15:12:45 Hits:times
    The incidence of iron deficiency anemia is high among children in China. At present, about 40% of urban children suffer from different degrees of nutritional iron deficiency anemia, rural children as high as 50-60%. In order to ensure the healthy growth of children and explore the effect of natural carotene on improving iron nutrition, 651 preschool children were tested by Tianjin Pediatric Protection Institute. The results showed that the level of vitamin A was increased, and the iron nutritional status of children was also improved. After three months of intervention, the iron index hemoglobin and serum protein in the experimental group increased significantly, while the free protoporphyrin in red blood cells decreased significantly. It is proved that natural carotene has a good effect on the metabolism and utilization of iron in the body. The concomitant relationship between iron and vitamin A in vivo has been a subject of concern and research by experts and scholars both at home and abroad. This article has further made the relevant influence between them. Natural carotene has opened up a new way to prevent and cure iron anemia, and provided a scientific basis with development value.

    The important value of natural carotene in preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia is that it eliminates the damage to the heart caused by traditional iron supplementation.

    According to the latest research by Bruner et al. in Britain, when iron deficiency occurs before symptoms appear, a series of changes have taken place, and the activity of iron-containing substances (some enzymes) related to metabolism in the whole body cells has declined, thus causing various functional disorders, which will affect the intellectual and mental development of children and adolescents, and will also affect young people. Affect the quality of life. Natural carotene is converted into vitamin A in body, and is a safe vitamin A. Almost all adolescents need vitamin A supplements. Regular consumption of natural carotene, killing two birds with one stone, not only obtains the function of natural carotene antioxidant vitamins, but also enables adolescents to cure asymptomatic iron deficiency naturally. Natural carotene as a daily necessary nutrient food has far-reaching significance to improve the physical quality of the entire Chinese nation.
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