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    Why experts recommend taking at least six milligrams per day?β-Carotene

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    I. Eichler and colleagues from the Children's Hospital of the University of Vienna randomly selected 13 CF patients who were given beta-carotene 1 mg/kg daily for a maximum of 50 mg for 3 months. The next 3 months were reduced to 10mg/ days. Another 11 CF patients were given placebo treatment for 6 months.

    The results showed that plasma levels in patients taking beta-carotene increased significantly from an average of 0.08 micromole/L to 0.56 micromole/L. When the dose was reduced, the plasma level decreased to 0.32 mmol / liter on average. Only when the high dose of beta carotene 1mg/kg is used everyday can the plasma concentration be maintained at normal level. The study is to be published in the January 2001 issue of the thoracic cavity.

    During the first three months of the study, patients received systemic antibiotics for an average of 14.5 days to control acute lung deterioration. After beta-carotene treatment, the treatment in high-dose group was reduced to 9.8 days, while that in low-dose group was reduced to 10.5 days. The treatment days of the control group in the corresponding period were 10.5, 24.8 and 18.5 days respectively. There was a significant difference between the two groups. No patient developed carotene dermatitis or vitamin A poisoning.

    Researchers point out that supplementing CF patients with the usual vitamin A, alpha-vitamin E and ascorbic acid does not reduce the hyperlipidemic peroxidation caused by the disease. However, large doses of beta carotene can reduce lipid peroxidation products to normal levels.

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